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    IMMUNS 2020: February 13-15, 2020

    American School Foundation of Monterrey

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  • Monterrey, Mexico

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                  Registration and Delegate Essentials

                  Dear Delegates;

                  We cordially invite you to this year's International Monterrey Model United Nations Simulation (IMMUNS 2020). This experience allows students to debate current world issues by representing different countries around the world. Delegates will get a first-hand experience of the United Nations’ procedures and the development of resolutions for global problems. 

                  The simulation is organized by the MUN/Secretariat class of the American School Foundation of Monterrey and will take place on February 13 - 15, 2020, at our school in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, the official registration site is being updated; however, if you are interested in attending the simulation, please fill out the following survey: https://immuns.typeform.com/to/BgntMJ. If interested, please contact the hospitality department at hospitality@immuns.org to receive more information regarding the simulation.

                  Also, we are sorry but we are having some technical difficulties with a few of our documents in our Delegate Essentials page, and several of them are being updated by our HURAC department at the moment. These missing documents will be uploaded as soon as possible, however, if any of these is urgent, please contact human.resources@immuns.org regarding any possible doubts you may have. 

                  We hope you are excited as we are for our upcoming simulation next month!

                  Best regards and see you soon,

                  The Secretariat

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