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A message from the

A year… a month… a week… and now almost a day until IMMUNS. As I sit calmly writing this message in the busy classroom environment, I can’t help being infected by the energetic thrills and vibes that radiate from every member of the Secretariat team. We are all eager not only to see the great simulation that results from our hard work, but also, the enriching debate that will arise in the committees, the intrigued delegates that listen attentively to the guest speaker, the joyous laughs erupting in the game show, and the groovy vibes in our Hawaiian Night and Great Gatsby Lunch. I am overflowed by a melancholical joy when reflecting that IMMUNS 2016 is my third, and last, simulation that I, Eugenia Martínez, helped organize. This is why this is going to be IMMUNS’ greatest year. Never have I seen such determination, commitment, and passion put into an IMMUNS as this years’. I cannot express the admiration that I feel for the Secretariat class of 2016; they have truly poured all their hearts into making this event happen. I am eager to welcome all the new and familiar smiling faces on February 19, 2016. This will truly be a memorable event. Can’t wait to see you!

See you in IMMUNS :)

– Eugenia Martínez
“Life is about choices” – Marissa Aguilar

Welcome message from our

We are facing dark times,

Everywhere we look we learn about outbreaks like Zika, ISIS attacks, Migrant crisis, Corruption, not only political but also in the high circles of once respected sport institutions like FIFA. Climate changes are causing terrible earthquakes, droughts, heat waves, severe winters, and the list goes on.  

Dark times, sadness, negativity, and so many other world problems that if I continue, we will get upset and disappointed, before beginning these three   joyful days! Fortunately, not all is LOST

Despite all this darkness, inside all these negative news there is something that slowly and consistently is emerging to the surface: people in every country are going back to basics: What do I mean by “BACK TO BASICS?”

When I read in the newspapers or hear in the news the reaction of people after any violent attack I perceive an informal, quiet awakening, invisible but present among people regardless of  nationality and creed. People all over the world begin to realize AGAIN, like in the past,  the importance of bonding, the relevance of encouraging empathy, the utmost need of displaying tolerance and understanding. Serious interest in caring for others is beginning to be felt. Compassion for the victims and sometimes even for the offenders, is in the air. Once, past generations believed and practiced strongly universal, common values. That is what I personally call  “ Back to Basics,”   Back to things that will bring people together: for a purpose, to achieve a goal, to help, or to overcome tragedy.

Seeing all  these spontaneous reactions whether is Paris, Palmira or the Mediterranean coast, I am truly convinced that there is still light at the end of the tunnel, that we still have hope for a better future, for a deep commitment to keep our planet for more generations to come.

Being together for an event like IMMUNS demonstrates that you, young people are really concerned and cooperating for a brighter, better world.  I invite you that in the next three days you communicate, show concern and commitment towards your  committees and the other delegates and  remember our key phrase for  IMMUNS 2016:  “BACK TO BASICS” based on the return of hope, empathy, concern and tolerance.


– Marissa Aguilar
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