The Model United Nations program at the American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM) started fifteen years ago. A simulation was hosted for High School students which became an instant success. Twelve years ago, a duplicate simulation was run, hosted for Middle School students.

Quality is the key word at our simulation, where delegates have enjoyed the presence of such notables as former candidate for governor of the state of Nuevo León Luis Eugenio Todd, former Mexican presidential candidate for the PAN and current president of the Senate Diego Fernández de Cevallos, former Mexican Ambassador to the United Nations Manuel Tello, Dr. Jane Goodall, and members of the United Nations Secretariat like Harris Gleckman and Sanjay Acharya, as well as Janet Chow and Sandra Jimenez.

Message from our Advisor, and the future SG and SSG


These were by far the most intense elections!

Congratulations to both FRAN SANTOS AND ELENA LLAGUNO!

I am looking forward to enjoying IMMUNS 2020 and all areas related to the program!

Thanks to all the 45 students who attended the session for the SG elections!

A personal email will go to all levels describing the process for the counting of votes!

Thanks to Claudia, Alvaro, and all my dear seniors: GOODBYE!

Welcome all new members of SECRETARIAT for IMMUNS 2020

-Marissa Aguilar (Advisor)

Esteemed delegates,

We would like to introduce ourselves as your future Secretary-General and Sub-Secretary General. We are beyond excited to be able to represent our wonderful Secretariat class, and we have great plans to make IMMUNS 2020 the best simulation yet! We cannot wait to meet you all this coming February. Stay tuned for more updates as the date approaches!

-Francisco Santos (Secretary-General) & Elena Llaguno (Sub-Secretary General)


Dear Delegates;

We cordially invite you to this year's International Monterrey Model United Nations Simulation (IMMUNS 2020). This experience allows students to debate current world issues by representing different countries around the world. Delegates will get a first-hand experience of the United Nations’ procedures and the development of resolutions for global problems. 

The simulation is organized by the MUN/Secretariat class of the American School Foundation of Monterrey and will take place on February 13 - 15, 2020, at our school in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, the official registration site is being updated; however, if you are interested in attending the simulation, please fill out the following survey: If interested, please contact the hospitality department at to receive more information regarding the simulation.

Best regards,

The Secretariat

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