About Monterrey

Monterrey, the industrial capital of Nuevo León, is home to multiple multinational corporations with international presence such as Vitro, Cemex, among others. This is the second-largest city in México and is located in proximity to the United States border. Its key symbol is the Cerro de la Silla, standing tall above the city.

The city counts with multiple attractions for tourists and citizens, providing natural beauties such as the mountainous ecological reserve Chipinque, the Cola de Caballo waterfalls, Estanzuela Natural Park, the Presa de la Boca dam, and Huasteca canyon. The Grutas de Garcia are impressive caves with stalagmites and stalactites. The Bio Parque Estrella is also an interesting location, due to its variety of zoological animals and an impressive display of distinct plants.

Monterrey has several Museums: the Museo del Noreste, Marco, Historia Mexicana, and the Lewis Naval, among others. These are located in Monterrey’s downtown, near sightseeing locations such as the Macroplaza, the governmental residence, as well as Parque Fundidora with its accompanying Santa Lucia Walkway and Theme Parks Parque Plaza Sesamo and Bosque Magico.

Good afternoon delegates, advisors, guests, etc.

In times of disparity, it is of great importance not to forget what is important and relevant for the greater good of the world.

While being quarantined, it is certain that everyone has learned to appreciate the little things in life. Yet in appreciating all of those small details, one must not lose sight of the big picture. Issues around the world have become increasingly present as the aid and attention from international countries have faltered. In our never-ending search to “Make it Happen” the MUN Program ASFM, led by the SG/SSG and the advisor, is proud to announce that we will be hosting IMMUNS 2021 from February 18-20.

Despite the different circumstances, the Secretariat department of IMMUNS is hard at work producing an academically rigorous and prestigious simulation. Although we will be going online, there is no reason to decrease the quality of the event. As always, you can count on amazing background papers, chairs and organization while we debate topics ranging from the abuse of Uyghur’s in China all the way to the Cuban Missile Crisis. We look forward to seeing you on February 18, 19 and 20 for IMMUNS 2021. The first ever virtual IMMUNS event.

Best regards,

Alonso Bustindui, Secretary-General for IMMUNS 2021
Tomás González, Sub Secretary-General for IMMUNS 2021

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