Simulation History

The Model United Nations program offers a lot of opportunities, which is why the American School Foundation of Monterrey has compromised itself to support this program. MUN at ASFM goes back to 1998, when 50 students from 9th to 12th grade got involved as an extra curriculum activity. The program has significantly grown to be a course at ASFM consisting of about 175 students. MUN is now offered from 8th to 12th grade. Because of the simulation’s great success, it has received a huge support on behalf of the school in promoting and improving it.

The American School Foundation of Monterrey Model United Nation (ASFMMUN) has brought a lot of attention on Mexico as well as the rest of the world. As a result for its success, yearly simulations, internationally recognized for high quality, have been organized since 1995.

Originally small, ASFMMUN, started off as a High School program involving mostly local participants with the exception of a couple national schools. Both ASFM as well as the simulations have been exponentially growing allowing it to successfully enter international MUN community. By 1999 due to increasing interest in international politics, the program became available to middle school participants as well.

Both middle school and high school simulations, which were held in February and March 2002, were huge achievements. Nearly 600 delagates from Japan, Guatemala, Ecuador, United States, and Mexico amongst other nations attended the simulations. Local school such as the Colegio Inglés, Instituto Americano, Prepa Tec, Instituto Colombia, Instituto San Roberto, amid with other school were represented at the event. We were honored with the presence of UN ambassador Dr. Zidan Zerauoui, which inspired us with an opening speech at the high school opening ceremony.

Thanks to the on going seven year success, ASFMMUN took a new course in creating a Secretariat class, composed of students from 15 to 18 years old, in charge of organizing the growing event. The purpose for such compilation was to organize a IMMUNS (International Monterrey Model United Nations), single event that would include both middle school and high school events simulations all in one. The idea surged out of the wanting need of having inter-age sessions in which students could combine their ideas with different age group. Despite the extra work in hosting twice as many delegates at the same time, the event turned out to be exceptional. From an administrational point of view, it turned out to be a better investment, which in turn gave us the opportunity to keep growing. As a result, IMMUNS 2003 was another great success with nearly 700 delegates, and a world wide guest speaker known as Jane Goodall. IMMUNS requires a great deal of planning, which is why the Secretariat class has already started planning for the coming IMMUNS. Our objective is not only to reach past year standards but to improve upon them. We try to get as good guest speakers as before, and have a diverse international environment.

Registration and Delegate Essentials

Dear Delegates;

We cordially invite you to this year's International Monterrey Model United Nations Simulation (IMMUNS 2020). This experience allows students to debate current world issues by representing different countries around the world. Delegates will get a first-hand experience of the United Nations’ procedures and the development of resolutions for global problems. 

The simulation is organized by the MUN/Secretariat class of the American School Foundation of Monterrey and will take place on February 13 - 15, 2020, at our school in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, the official registration site is being updated; however, if you are interested in attending the simulation, please fill out the following survey: If interested, please contact the hospitality department at to receive more information regarding the simulation.

Also, we are sorry but we are having some technical difficulties with a few of our documents in our Delegate Essentials page, and several of them are being updated by our HURAC department at the moment. These missing documents will be uploaded as soon as possible, however, if any of these is urgent, please contact regarding any possible doubts you may have. 

We hope you are excited as we are for our upcoming simulation next month!

Best regards and see you soon,

The Secretariat

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