MUN Program at ASFM

MUN 11

SUNDIAL is a magazine that is released yearly at IMMUNS. Besides giving insight into what students at ASFM think and perhaps enlightening the readers about important current events, it allows the delegates who participate in the simulation to take a small break from the constant, serious debate, to put their feet up and relax while reading.

The MUN11 class is (and will be) working tirelessly in order to bring you a magazine with captivating visuals and engrossing articles. There are many great and innovative ideas coming out of the classroom on a daily basis, and we have received a lot of useful feedback that we plan to incorporate. Every year, the class breaks into departments and each focuses on a specific set of jobs. This year, we’ve selected 3: Public Relations and Design (PRD), Research and Editing (RE), and Finance, each run by a head of Department. They are the leaders of their respective fields, but it truly takes everyone in the classroom moving and working towards a common goal to reach a final product that we’re proud to present. In short, there needs to be a lot of communications and camaraderie in order to make something like this happen -and that’s often tough work.

Nonetheless, MUN 11 plans to push through and end with the best result we can muster. Be on the lookout for cool features on the SUNDIAL: a “momo” page, stickers, featured articles from other students, etc. Anyway, we hope you can enjoy this new edition as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

Pedro Pozas, Esteban Gonzalez
Chief Editors – SUNDIAL 2018

MUN 10

The MUN 10 program is embodied by some of the brightest 10th-grade students at ASFM interested in Model United Nations. However, this program also focuses on teaching management and communications skills as the MUN 10 program is in charge of VOICES. The event allows ASFM students to display their talents and skills on a live stage whilst helping gather funds for IMMUNS. Essentially, over the course of a couple of months, auditions and rehearsals are hosted in order to create the event, with the help of our 4 departments: Logistics and Recreations, Public Relations, Information Technology, and Finance. This year, the VOICES directors decided to choose a Disney theme for the event, unlike prior years. Fortunately, the event was extremely successful as it topped previous years total earnings.

Carolina Ramirez & Lucas Menendez

Co-Directors IMMUNS 2019


For years, our school has seen a rising increase in the number of trash left in the cafeteria. Thankfully, the invention of the Clean-Up Campaign has helped see that not a single piece of waste is left unattended. It all started three years ago, with the purpose of helping our high school campus better one step at a time- and to prepare us to become independent. This project starts in August and lasts the entire year- so the entire MUN program has to work very hard year-round.

It really is sad to think about the amount of trash left in the cafeteria, especially considering that we are high school students. However, the MUN 9 class has worked very hard to come up with an effective solution to combat this- and we’re proud to say that we’ve found one. Not only will we promote the cleanliness of our cafeteria and our school, we will be posting reminders around campus so that students can remember to do even the most basic things, such as flushing the toilet and putting their dirty dishes on the dish rack in the cafeteria. “Patrols” will also come into play- students from MUN9 all the way to secretariat will monitor the cafeteria to ensure that it is left better than we found it. The Logistics, IT, Public Relations and Finance departments have all collaborated seamlessly to ensure the success of this program- and so far, we have been met with nothing but the positive consequences of our effort.

Marifer and I are both surprised with the outcome of this program- and we owe it all to our peers; their great ideas and hard work are what keeps the Clean-Up Campaign alive. The guidance that our advisor Ms. Marissa Aguilar has also provided has been extremely helpful, seeing as she has helped set us on the right track time after time. I, Federico Ruiz, just have one final message- is it really that hard to keep our cafeteria clean?

Federico Ruiz and Maria Fernanda Rodriguez
Clean Up Campaign 2018-2019


Dear Delegates;

We cordially invite you to this year's International Monterrey Model United Nations Simulation (IMMUNS 2020). This experience allows students to debate current world issues by representing different countries around the world. Delegates will get a first-hand experience of the United Nations’ procedures and the development of resolutions for global problems. 

The simulation is organized by the MUN/Secretariat class of the American School Foundation of Monterrey and will take place on February 13 - 15, 2020, at our school in Monterrey, Mexico. Currently, the official registration site is being updated; however, if you are interested in attending the simulation, please fill out the following survey: If interested, please contact the hospitality department at to receive more information regarding the simulation.

Best regards,

The Secretariat

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