MUN Program at ASFM

MUN 11

SUNDIAL is a yearly magazine organized by the MUN 11th graders. It’s purpose is to enrich the IMMUNS experience and allow the delegates to take a break from all the serious debate 😉

The MUN 11 class has worked very hard to bring you a different, new, and modern magazine in an effort to inspire you to transcend; which is this year’s theme. We have talked to different graphic designers, school staff, and teachers for feedback and advice on how to bring you the best magazine yet made. We have also divided ourselves into departments in order to focus our efforts into what each of us do best. The Editing department made all of the article’s revisions. The Graphic Design and Technology Integration department made all of the designs needed. Finally, the Finance department took communications of all the sponsors each one of us gathered. However, at the end of the day, none of this could have been done without the help of our advisor, Marissa Aguilar.

Nevertheless, we have all contributed in one way or the other in every department to encourage teamwork and increase communication. I invite you all to read the Sundial Magazine and look for special hidden hints. We hope you enjoy the 6th edition of SUNDIAL magazine and find an article that you can relate to or one that will inspire you.

Nayeli Colyer

Chief Editor – SUNDIAL 2017

MUN 10

VOICES is a concert organized by the 10th graders belonging to the MUN program every year. Its purpose is to raise money for MUN activities, especially those concerning IMMUNS. This event -usually held in October- gives rising singers and musicians from ASFM the opportunity to showcase their talents, perform in a professional environment, and get practice in front of an audience.

Thanks to the amazing effort from the MUN 10 class, this year’s concert was the most successful one to date. It all starts in August, when the jobs are organized, and goals are set in paper. The class is divided into “departments”, similar to those used by Secretariat throughout their planning of IMMUNS, giving the 10th graders feel for what it is to run an event of such magnitude. The fundraiser finally starts taking shape by October after arduous days put into it, and just in time for the final showcase to the public.
At the end, everyone is involved in the creation of the final product, putting an immense amount of effort and dedication into it. VOICES not only serves as a fundraiser, it is an event that gives the MUN 10 team the opportunity to develop our communication and leadership skills, polishing them for their future use in MUN 11, and Secretariat. In other words, you can say that the real reason behind VOICES is to effectively have everyone’s voice heard in the group, giving rise to new leaders among our generation.
Luis Elizondo & Monica Turner
Directors – VOICES 2016


Green is the new Black, otherwise known as the Clean Up Cafeteria Campaign, is a pilot mission first launched by the 2016-2017 MUN 9 class, with the purpose of providing the students and staff of ASFM with a cleaner campus and cafeteria. Being a project that is launched in September and maintained all throughout the year, the logistics behind the campaign operate in a way that will allow for the entire Model United Nations program of ASFM to cooperate in keeping the cafeteria clean.

It is quite embarrassing to think about how difficult it is to get high school students to pick up their trash after eating lunch. Getting older high schoolers to do so as freshmen is, without a doubt, tricky business, which is why the MUN 9 class worked all throughout September to come up with a logical, effective method in ensuring that the campus is left spotless after break and lunch. The Public Relations Department worked towards promoting posters and social media accounts to promote the campaign, while the IT department created these posters, along with a video of the pilot mission’s cause. All the while, the Logistics department worked towards creating a calendar that would allow for the freshmen to keep the freshmen in line, and the older students to do the same with their peers.

In conclusion, I find myself proud to say that the cafeteria has never looked cleaner, thanks to the help of the entire 9-12 Model United Nations Class, and the great ideas and assistance provided courtesy of our MUN advisor, Mrs. Marissa Aguilar. Keeping our learning space tidy and appreciating the grueling work put in by the ASFM cleaning staff should be a top priority; fortunately, it is safe to say that the MUN 9 program has worked laboriously towards effectively ensuring that our cafeteria is kept spotless throughout the entire school year.

Francisco Santos
Director of the “Green is the New Black” Campaign 2016-2017

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