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MUN Program 

The MUN Program at ASFM expands more than just our IMMUNS event, with not only our Secretariat group in charge of making IMMUNS happen but also the MUN 1 and MUN 2 classes and our recent implementation of the MUN Club. Our MUN classes are in charge of a variety of projects that encompass the whole of the MUN Program, such as the IMMUNS academic magazine, “The Sundial”, and our annual “VOICES” event, a musical show produced and organized every year by the MUN 1 class. On the other hand, our recent MUN Club introduces and prepares students for the basis of the MUN protocol, promoting their ability to debate and their expression of ideas. 

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      This year, MUN2 is dedicated to organizing and publishing The Sundial magazine. This academic publication is included in the IMMUNS delegate packet which promotes awareness of several viewpoints about the world at large. Through The Sundial, we hope to foster critical thought and assist delegates in educating those in their communities. This year's magazine focuses on growth, change, and the constantly evolving world. The magazine's theme this year is Time Capsule, this year will look 20 years into the past and 20 years into the future to celebrate the 20th IMMUNS anniversary and offer a wide range of global perspectives.


       MUN 1 contributes to creating IMMUNS by producing an annual talent show called VOICES. Organizing the event from start to finish, we work to accomplish our goal of fundraising as much as possible, while encouraging the ASFM students to demonstrate their ongoing talents. 

        Through thorough discussions and brainstorming, we added the idea of a contest” along with the talent show, aiming higher than we have in previous years; we invited judges and prepared prizes to make the production more entertaining and favored by the students. 

       In this project, we owe a huge thanks to our advisor, Mr. Burns, who guided us through the process of the creation of VOICES with valuable expertise and dedication. We would also like to express our gratitude to the contestants and all students of ASFM who made our vision come to life.

- Sharon Park & Jose Pablo Tiran MUN 1 Directors

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MUN Club

MUN has created an MUN club in which  6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders will be able to participate in our events and develop the skills needed to be part of the class in upcoming years. We aim to help students learn how to research, write position paper, debate and participate in MUN simulations through workshops, simulations, meetings and other activities.

- Sofia Orozco, MUN Club Coordinator

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