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MUN Program at ASFM 

The team building IMMUNS goes far beyond just our High School Secretariat group. The MUN class composed of high school students, along with the MUN Club of middle school students work rigorously to make IMMUNS a reality at ASFM. Our MUN class is in charge of various projects encompassing the entire MUN Program, such as being chairs, and creating the IMMUNS academic magazine, “The Sundial''. Additionally, the MUN Club introduces and prepares students for the basis of the MUN protocol, promoting their ability to debate and express ideas.


MUN Secretariat

       MUN Secretariat is the governing body of IMMUNS. Our team consists of 35 dedicated students who plan, develop, and bring IMMUNS to life with the help of our advisor, Maria Angela Guerra. Responsibilities for Secretariat include: recruiting chairs, writing background papers, printing simulation materials, creating the IMMUNS website, finding sponsors, inviting delegates, collecting delegate fees, assigning countries, holding ceremonies, providing meals and breaks, organizing parties, finding emergency delegates, and attending to the needs of teachers, to name a few. Planning IMMUNS is an enormous task, and the Secretariat class is ready to tackle it all and enjoy the journey.

MUN Class

       This year, the MUN class — containing 31 students — is focused on being great chairs, organizing Pal Socials for ASFM, and creating The Sundial magazine. This academic publication is included in the IMMUNS delegate packet which promotes awareness of several viewpoints about the world at large. Through The Sundial, we hope to foster critical thought and assist delegates in educating those in their communities. Additionally, MUN students are encouraged to participate in chair training and several in-houses to prepare for IMMUNS, ensuring ready and well-rounded chairs.

MUN Club

       Our MUN Club comprises hard-working middle and high school students ready to participate in school simulations to gain the skills they need to move forward in the MUN class. The Secretariat class aims to help these students learn how to research complex topics, write position papers, debate, and participate in MUN simulations through workshops, sessions, meetings, and other activities

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