Community Service at IMMUNS

At IMMUNS, we don’t want delegates to simply debate about ongoing issues across the globe, instead we want them to have an actual hands-on impact in the community. Because of this, each year we provide delegates with the opportunity to participate in a community service activity, to truly make it happen. This year, we have chosen to support two organizations with monetary contributions.

Help both causes by donating at

Once donations are finalized, the total money raised will be equally split up and given to both causes!

This Year’s Causes:

Cause 1: Alianza Anticancer Infantil

The Alianza Anticancer Infantil is a foundation that supports children with cancer and their families. Currently, the association works with 450 families, and they depend on donations to continue helping their patients. Right now with the shortage of chemotherapies, they are struggling to pay for medical treatments. With your help, they will be able to acquire: medicines, medical studies, nutritional counseling, psychological counseling, food, local and foreign transportation.

Cause 2: Dividendo de Generosidad

Dividendo de Generosidad is a private charitable association focused on the attention of basic educational needs for those who lack the means to subsist. Their mission is to support the comprehensive training of the economically disadvantaged youth through education. In Mexico, there are thousands of young people who, due to various factors, are forced to drop out of their studies. With your help, kids who are sponsored by Dividendo de Generosidad will get the opportunity to develop and complete their studies.

Here are some examples of projects we have offered at past simulations, such as in IMMUNS 2019:

Casa Monarca

Delegates visited Casa Monarca, a safe haven for refugees, to learn about their work, hear from refugees themselves, and help with food distribution.

Eduardo Caballero Mural Painting

Delegates had the opportunity to help paint multiple murals at a public school near ASFM. 

Please contact or if you have any questions regarding involvement in this year’s projects.

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