MUN Program at ASFM

MUN 11

Every year, the MUN11 class is tasked with developing the SUNDIAL magazine. This magazine–which is distributed during IMMUNS–embodies the ASFM community’s perspective on global and local issues, while allowing the audience to learn about academic news they might be unfamiliar with. Our goal is to provide all delegates with an enriching experience and to teach every single reader something new about the world. The magazine features a huge variety of topics, from history and politics to movies and general culture. This diversity ensures all IMMUNS attendants will find a number of articles that fit their respective passions and hobbies.

This year, we decided to divide the class into 4 departments in order to maximize efficiency, and the chosen departments are: Research & Editing, Public Relations, Engineering & Design, and Finance. Each department has a department head, who is responsible for taking the lead in order to complete the specific tasks assigned to their department. However, since the class essentially delivers only one final product, students face the challenge of improving their communication skills in order to increase cooperation among departments. Apart from that, all MUN 11 students–regardless of their department–are writers, meaning all members of the class have worked tirelessly throughout the year to improve their writing skills. Students from the class also assisted with hand picking distinguished writers from our school and community to feature in the magazine.

Funding for this magazine came from our wonderful sponsors, who helped make this project a reality. We would like to thank them for their support and commitment toward our cause. Furthermore, while the process has been filled with challenges, the class has been able to advance with the help of our advisor Ms. Marissa Aguilar, whose valuable expertise have helped us overcome the hardest obstacles.

MUN 10

The MUN 10 program is embodied by some of the brightest 10th-grade students at ASFM interested in Model United Nations. However, this program also focuses on teaching management and communications skills as the MUN 10 program is in charge of VOICES. The event allows ASFM students to display their talents and skills on a live stage whilst helping gather funds for IMMUNS. Essentially, over the course of a couple of months, auditions and rehearsals are hosted in order to create the event, with the help of our 4 departments: Logistics and Recreations, Public Relations, Information Technology, and Finance. This year, the VOICES directors decided to make a tribute to MTV event.


Due to the circumstances around this year and the distance learning programs that were incorporated this school year, the MUN 9 class decided to focus on improving the morale at the school through Spirit Fridays and the promotion of Healthy Habits to practice while learning remotely.

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