MUN Program at ASFM

MUN 11

Like every other year, MUN 11 focuses on developing and creating the SUNDIAL magazine. The magazine is an academic journal and is a part of the IMMUNS delegate packet which serves to promote knowledge on different perspectives and the world as a whole. Through the SUNDIAL, we seek to encourage critical thinking and, similar to an actual MUN simulation, help delegates spread knowledge to people in their communities. This year’s magazine is centered around development, change and how the world is in a constant state of evolution. Within the magazine and its theme, there is a large spectrum of topics ranging from opinions on milk all the way to the future of electric vehicles and provides interesting takes on the world as a whole. 

For this school year’s class, we chose to divide the student body into 4 departments with the idea that there would be an opportunity for a hybrid simulation. Editorial, Public Relations, Finance and Design along with the two Chief Editors worked hard throughout the year to plan, draft, edit, revise and publish the magazine. Every member of the class was also required to write one article for the magazine and share their thoughts or interests. Apart from that, we also had the pleasure of including in our magazine an NGO based in Nuevo Leon that focuses on generating safe environments for the development of children. Educando en Red, is an educational platform that consists of promoting the well-being of children and youth in México, with the objective of impacting education. 

Furthermore, we would like to thank the sponsors for enabling us to print our magazine and share our articles with the IMMUNS community. As well as thank our advisor, Mr. Jim Burns and our fellow classmates for their dedication, hard work and valuable expertise in addition to supporting us through the process.

– Paola Medina, MUN 11 Director

MUN 10

At a glance, MUN 10 has been using the values of democratic ideals and working as a team to pursue insightful projects. Currently, we are preparing for IMMUNS through multiple means. First, we conduct training sessions to ensure we are knowledgeable chairs while helping write Background Papers. We also have recently held the annual VOICES event, fundraising money to help support the organization and an outside charity. To reinforce our understanding and professionalism, we are practicing with an In-House simulation coming up soon. Finally, we are looking into the UN SDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) to see what changes we propose to help the cause. In these projects, the 10th Grade program is developing minds that can analyze history, evaluate its mark, and initiate the process of making the change they want to see in the world.

– Julieta Noyola Severeid, MUN 10 Director

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