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Position Papers due February 18th at 11:59 pm

General Assembly.png

General Assembly

Discussing the increase of nuclear proliferation.

Middle School and High School

Asamblea General.jpeg

Asamblea General

Discutiendo el aumento de la proliferación nuclear.

High School


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Addressing the impact of the Fast Fashion Industry on health and the environment.

Middle School

Security Council.png

Security Council

Preventing sexual exploitation and misconduct by UN peacekeepers and humanitarian workers.

Middle School and High School

Consejo de Seguridad.jpeg

Consejo de Seguridad

Prevenir la explotación sexual y la mala conducta por parte de los cascos azules y los trabajadores humanitarios de la ONU. 

Middle School

SPECPOL (Crisis)

Middle School and High School 

Human Rights Council.png

Human Rights Council

Addressing the rights of prisoners and prison conditions.

Middle School

Organization of the American States.png

Organization of American States

Discussing trust in elections, voter turnout, and election fraud.

High School 

World Health Organization.png

World Health Organization (WHO)

Discussing the increased production of artificial sweeteners and its effects on public health. 

Beginner level and Middle School

International Criminal Court.png

International Criminal Court (ICC)

The Prosecution v. Fidel Castro, former president of Cuba.

High School 

Image by Marco Oriolesi

Senado de la República Mexicana Histórico (1994)

Lidiar con las repercusiones causadas por el asesinato del candidato a la presidencia, Luis Donaldo Colosio, en 1994.

High School

US Senate.png

United States Senate

Discussing the right of workers to organize unions and bargain collectively.

High School 

Futuristic War Council.png

Futuristic War Council

Discussing the national independence of The Republic of Texas.

Middle School

FIFA Council.png

FIFA Council

Addressing the corruption concerning money laundering and bribery for the host of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Middle School


Press Corps

Reporting on the events of IMMUNS 2024

Middle School and High School

African Union.png

African Union

 Tackling the issue of animal poaching and trafficking in African nations.

Beginner level

Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS).png

Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS)

Ensuring the long-term sustainability of space activities and mitigating space debris.

Middle School

The Directorate Board of the Hollywood Industry.png

The Directorate Board of the Hollywood Industry

Discussing the forced diversity in films.

High School

Roman Senate (49 BC).png

Roman Senate

Discussing the role of Julius Caesar in a potential civil war.

High School


Historical United States Senate (2001)

Dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 and the critique of Muslim citizens in the United States.

Middle School 

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