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General Assembly

Pushing for a reduction in excessive military and defense spending in an effort to redistribute funding to other sectors of development and promote global peace

Middle School and High School


Asamblea General

Discutiendo la ética de las colonias  modernas con el fin de abolir la colonización en el mundo post contemporáneo

Middle School


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Combating and preventing the harmful effects of illicit financial flows which generates a loss in government funds, lack of trust in government, stability, corruption, amongst other social problems

Middle School


Security Council

Addressing the potential military occupation of the Arctic which currently lacks ownership and has made many powerful nations interested

High School and Middle School


Consejo de Seguridad

Enfrentando las repercusiones de armas abandonadas en áreas afectadas por previos conflictos armados

Middle School and High School

Image by Christian Lue

European Council (Crisis)

Middle School and High School 


Human Rights Council

Discussing police immunity and corruption within national law enforcement agencies through the lens of human rights violations

Middle School


Historical Organization of American States

Addressing the consequences of Operation Condor, a political campaign backed up by the United States to politically repress citizens in some Latin American countries and 'eliminate enemies' from left-wing politicians.

High School 


World Health Organization (WHO)

Guaranteeing quality medical care in countries with an extreme lack of medical training, resources, and knowledge

6th Grade and Middle School


International Criminal Court (ICC)

Prosecution v. Idi Amin, former president of Uganda

High School 

Image by Marco Oriolesi

Senado de la República

Discutiendo la validez del Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) y su impacto, ya sea positivo o negativo, en la democracia mexicana

High School


United States Senate

Addressing the threat that corporations lobbying public officials poses to US democracy and potential violations to the constitution

Middle School and High School 

Bank of Russia

Futuristic War Council

In 2153, Russia has split into two territories: the True Russian Federation and the Kremlin Republic.  Now, with worsening global conditions and heightened tension, the relationship between the two nations has escalated to war

Middle School


International Olympic Committee 2056

Addressing the use of performance enhancing drugs to promote interest and competition in the games now that records are seldom broken

Middle School


Press Corps

Reporting on the events of IMMUNS 2023

Middle School and High School


African Union

Addressing the role that indigenous tribes have in modern-day Southern African societies. 

Middle School

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